Sunday, January 10, 2010

goldilock Jan 10

Goldilocks ran into Mama Bear's kitchen. Baby Bear was right behind her.
"Is Papa Bear home yet? Baby Bear questioned as Mama Bear tried to give him a hug then saw he was covered with beads of honey.

Do you think Papa Bear will have news today about Artful Dodger?"  Goldilocks questioned Mama Bear as she leaned over the kitchen sink and turned on the faucets.  She picked up Baby Bear and scrubbed off all the honey.

"We sold a 1000 bowls of porridge today at the Kiosk"  Goldilocks explained as she handed Baby Bear over to Mama's waiting towel.
She continued talking "Papa Bear says Art will be in jail forever, he tried to run a Ponzi scheme with oil futures." 

Mama Bear set Baby Bear on the table drying his eyes and ears and then suddenly turned to Goldilocks. "Did Ferdinand answer his phone?
"Yes, he said he's going to the wedding. He heard that India has lots of single heifers."
Baby Bear and Goldilocks heard Papa Bears keys in the door. 

Baby Bear tumbled off the table and tripping over each other both ran to the door to open it.
"Papa, papa what happened to Art today?" they questioned simultaneously .
"It's a long story, I'll tell you after dinner, OK?"

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