Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010     Dow 10,0012
Mama Bear and Goldilocks had just finished cleaning up the dinner dishes when Goldilocks’ cell phone rang.
"Hi Ferdinand, Where are you? I can hardly hear you. The background noise is very loud" she complained. She jammed the phone against her ear and listened.   
"How did you get to Mexico?" She asked. "Yes, I heard their stock market set record highs."
"How did you land in Mexico?" Goldilocks asked again as the three bears gathered around listening intently.
Now, Ferdinand's voice was very loud, Goldilocks quickly pulled the phone away from her ear.  "Do me a favor, OK? I think you should call up Mrs. Santa and tell her to buy him new bifocals." 
"OK but where are you in Mexico?"
Ferdinand's voice continued to boom through the cell phone "I'm staying at Speedy Gonzales' Cheese factory. You should see all the lovely heifers who live here. Speedy is a great friend. He knows everything about flowers. This is one great country."
Mama Bear whispered, "He sounds very happy"
"But I thought you planned to go with us to Dick Whittington's Cat's wedding in India. " Goldilocks voice was a bit irritated.
"Of course I plan to go, I'm ready, I even have a present for the lovely bride." Ferdinand explained.
Mama Bear signaled Goldilocks to say good bye quickly.
"I'll get right back to you, Ferdinand. We have to call Mrs. Santa right now."
"Oh, don't worry Ferdinand, I'm sure Santa will pick you up in time for the wedding, but he can't fly anywhere until he has new glasses."
Goldilocks scrolled down her cell phone numbers. " Mama Bear this is Mrs. Santa's number right?"
"Here let me talk first, I'm sure that Grumpy Old Man hasn't told her a thing"...Mama Bear took the phone and pushed the send button.
“Merry we have a problem.” Mama Bear’s explanation tone of voice was very deliberate. “You have to talk Santa into going to the eye doctor for new bifocals. We have several in our neighborhood, if you two could fly down for a visit.”
Mama Bear and Mrs. Santa chatted for a while and the arrangements were made. Mama Bear then sat down at the kitchen table and started making a list. 
Goldilocks and Baby Bear sat down across the table and waited for Mama Bear to stop writing.
“Are they really coming? Goldilocks asked.
“They’ll be here for Valentines Day”  Mama Bear handed a ‘to do’ list to Goldilocks and Baby Bear I’ll make an appointment at the optometrists for Papa Bear, too.

Valentines Day brought new bifocals for Santa and Papa Bear.  Both gentlemen spent many happy hours reading the newspapers. The newspapers began to stack up and on Mardi Gras Day Papa Bear and Santa were reading the Business newspapers.

Suddenly Papa Bear jumped up from his chair folding his IBD newspaper in half and in quarters and pointed to a one inch news item in the right hand corner of  page 2.  He handed it to Santa who  studied the item. Santa read it out loud.
"Ponzi Scheme operator Artful Dodger escapes from Minnesota Federal Prison believed to be in route to Wall Street.  Papa Bear took the paper and continued to read the item aloud as Mama Bear, Goldilocks, Baby Bear  and Mrs. Santa gathered around. “ Believed to have stashed gold coins in the area of Wall and Broad St.”
“Santa you have to take Goldilocks out of here and maybe we should go with her.”
Goldilocks pulled her cell phone out of her apron pocket. “ Yes, but Papa Bear where should I go”
Back to the North Pole with us? Mrs. Santa suggested.
To London, I could stay with Dick Whittington. Goldilocks suggested.
"Mexico " said Baby Bear. “ Ferdinand would introduce you to Speedy Gonzales
“India and you could help with the wedding” Mama Bear said quietly.
Santa lit his pipe and the rings of smoke circled round and round and round. Everyone knew he was thinking about travel plans.
“Papa Bear do you think we could teach your RV to fly? “ 
Papa Bear nodded his head
“OK this is the plan I take Goldilocks Mexico leave her with Ferdinand. Then I’ll come back and we will give flying lessons for your RV, then Mrs. Santa and I  will pick up Dick Whittington in London fly to Mexico pick up Goldilocks and Ferdinand and you all fly to India and we all meet at  the rehearsal dinner.”
“Sounds like a plan” Papa Bear nodded his head and sorted through his key ring while Mama Bear called everyone on Goldilock's cell phone.
Mama Bear put the cell phone into Goldilocks' apron pocket then ordered “Go get your suitcase Goldilocks and don’t forget you new dress and be sure to put on your hat and scarf and mittens.”
Everyone trundled up to the roof to the sleigh. Santa grabbed the reins for the sleigh and signaled the reindeer  “I’ll be back in the twinkling of an eye. Climb in Goldilocks. Rudolf find Ferdinand they tell me you dropped him off in Mexico at a cheese factory”

Monday, January 11, 2010


Papa Bear explains the events at Artful Dodger's Trial.

Dinner dishes finished. Mama Bear and Goldilocks gathered around Papa Bear.  Baby Bear was already asleep in Papa Bear's lap.
"Tell us everything that happened at the trial" Goldilocks waited while Papa Bear gathered his voice.
"OK First of all it was a Bench trial and Artful Dodger threw himself at the mercy of the Court. That means he confessed everything to the judge.
Art explained that one day he was walking down the street and he saw an abandoned briefcase next to the curb on Wall street.  He picked it up and looked inside to see if the owner had left some identification and then he would find the owner and maybe get a reward for his efforts.  He said that inside he found a smelly tuna fish sandwich, about $500 and a stack of papers, but nothing that would identify the owner.  He said he found a Deli, ordered his lunch, and started reading all of the papers.  After reading a while he figured the briefcase owner was running a pretty good racket. The guy was selling certificates for oil futures, promising he would double their money in weeks and then keeping the money in his own pocket.  
Art decided that it was a pretty good scheme. He bought himself a suit and tie and couldn't believe that people just fell for the whole scheme hook line and sinker. He could fill up his new briefcase with cash several times a day.
However once in a while his old customers would catch up with him and he would have to cash in their certificates.  For a while he didn't mind but then September 15, 2008 happened. Remember Goldilocks that was the day he tried to steal your hair and I had to give him a good swift punch.  He was desperate. 
Artful Dodger told the judge about that too. The Judge gave me a high five and winked.
He said he went underground until he saw the Bear family leaving town.  He said he shaved his head, bought a new three piece suit, and a new briefcase.  He made up a new sales pitch and hit Wall Street with an even better Ponzi scheme.  
Then he said, Papa Bear imitated Art's tenor voice, "You know Judge, some of those guys will fall for anything.  I was selling them shorts on real estate, gold certificates, long certificates on oil.  If I had actually bought the stuff I was selling I could have made some money too.  However I didn't I just kept the cash, but I did buy silver and gold coins. " 
The judge search through a huge stack of papers and finally asked Art where he hid the coins.
Papa Bear imitated Art's voice again, "I'm not telling you, or the police, or the FBI, or the SEC.  When you lock me up the secret will be my passport in prison. "  
Papa Bear leaned over toward Mama Bear and continued. "The judge seemed to understand exactly what Artful Dodger was saying.  He asked Art's attorney for help. Papa Bear changed his voice to a growl,  "Can you talk him out of his silence and retrieve the coins so we can pay back Art's investors ?" 
The attorney shook his head very sadly saying  'NO'
The Judge slammed down his gavel and pronounced the sentence, Papa Bear returned to his growling voice, "Twenty years in Minnesota and if you tell your attorney where the coins are stashed then I'll reduce your sentence."
Art told everyone thank you even the judge.  Then the policeman took him away.
The judge and Art's attorney talked to me for a few minutes and asked if I could do anything to find the coins and I told them I had been out of town during the time period they were talking about. " 
"Papa Bear," Goldilocks explained. " You know he will escape. No jail has ever held him."
Mama Bear nodded her head.  "Wonder where he hid the coins?" Then she picked up Baby Bear and everyone said "Goodnight"
Goldilocks stood there for a minute punching into her I phone search 'Federal Prison Minnesota' results: Near Mayo Clinic elderly and infirm prisoners most are Mafia Dons.
She said to herself "They plan for him to escape."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

goldilock Jan 10

Goldilocks ran into Mama Bear's kitchen. Baby Bear was right behind her.
"Is Papa Bear home yet? Baby Bear questioned as Mama Bear tried to give him a hug then saw he was covered with beads of honey.

Do you think Papa Bear will have news today about Artful Dodger?"  Goldilocks questioned Mama Bear as she leaned over the kitchen sink and turned on the faucets.  She picked up Baby Bear and scrubbed off all the honey.

"We sold a 1000 bowls of porridge today at the Kiosk"  Goldilocks explained as she handed Baby Bear over to Mama's waiting towel.
She continued talking "Papa Bear says Art will be in jail forever, he tried to run a Ponzi scheme with oil futures." 

Mama Bear set Baby Bear on the table drying his eyes and ears and then suddenly turned to Goldilocks. "Did Ferdinand answer his phone?
"Yes, he said he's going to the wedding. He heard that India has lots of single heifers."
Baby Bear and Goldilocks heard Papa Bears keys in the door. 

Baby Bear tumbled off the table and tripping over each other both ran to the door to open it.
"Papa, papa what happened to Art today?" they questioned simultaneously .
"It's a long story, I'll tell you after dinner, OK?"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Goldilocks Recap of Adventures

Our Goldilocks likes everything just right,  just as the Goldilocks in the classic story. 

However since the story was written Goldilocks has apologized to the Three Bears and they are soon to become friends. Goldilocks knows everyone in story book land. She is also well acquainted with many mythological characters old and new. We have added one detail to the story to assure our heroine has an earned income. Goldilocks’s golden hair is actually gold and it provides her with a nice income when she needs it.

As I wrote about Goldilocks her character changed and she took over her story. Goldilocks loves to travel and the excitement of the capital markets. She hopes to visit all of the stock exchanges around the world. 

Dec. 9, 2007 she joined the New Moon column and she has insisted that we tell about her adventures. Below we list the date of the article that included a Goldilocks adventure and the Dow average on that date.

Sagittarius New Moon    Dec 9, 2007 Dow 13,625

This is the New Moon issue where we first meet Goldilocks story. 

Rumors might spread through Wall Street suggesting that Santa Claus and Goldilocks ran off together, and the Grinch stole Christmas.

Goldilocks was well known on Wall Street because her friend Larry Kudlow on CNBC mentioned her on his show daily. She represented a market that was just right. The market was moving up very slowly and all the economic indicators were positive. 

In our newsletter she anticipated that the markets were beginning to loose momentum and she told us that retail would be difficult during the holiday season. 

Aquarius New Moon   Feb 6, 2008 Dow 12,182

In December's newsletter I leaked the gossip concerning Goldilocks. Remember she ran off with Santa Claus and the Grinch stole Christmas. Mrs. Claus is suing for divorce and believe me neither the Grinch or Scrooge will be able to figure out this accounting nightmare when our iconic matron arrives in court with her prenuptial agreements. Melting glaciers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Pisces New Moon    March 7, 2008  Dow 11,893

Goldilocks has dumped Santa and is playing the field with the Seven Dwarf's mining interests.  There is a rumor that she is contemplating moving into the story of Ferdinand the Bull and divesting herself of an interest in the Three Bears.

Spring Equinox   March 20, 2008  Dow 12,361

Goldilocks has moved to the story of Ferdinand the Bull. She loves him, she loves Spain, and she loves to bring all types of exotic flowers for him to sniff. However, Ferdinand's lifestyle is eating her dollars as quickly as she acquires them. 

Secretly she is dreaming about a handsome young fellow in London named Dick Whittington who owed a cat.

Aries New Moon   April 5 2008  Dow 12,609

Goldilocks has decided to remain in Spain where life is quiet and stress free. She continues to lavish Ferdinand with exotic flowers preparing him for his first performance in the Bull ring. Dick Whittington can wait and who knows maybe she'll take Cinderella up on her job offer.

Taurus New Moon   May 5, 2008 Dow12,969

Goldilocks has been corresponding with Dick Whittington. His cat story enchants her. Ferdinand lost in the Bull ring but won his life and will return to the pasture. Goldilocks can't afford flowers in Euros. Dick is looking better every letter even though he is a politician.

Gemini New Moon   June 3, 2008  Dow12,402

Goldilocks has decided to move to London she is putting her aversion to politics aside and taking on Dick Whittington. She is so excited. She heard that the London stock exchange is closing the gap in its competition with New York. She is planning to adopt Puss in Boots since Dick gave his excellent mouser to the folks in India. The whole scenario has really sparked her imagination.

Summer Solstice   June 20, 2008 Dow 11,842

Goldilocks is spending the Summer in London. Dick Whittington has been elected the Mayor of London. 

Leo New Moon    Aug. 1, 2008  Dow 11,326

Goldilocks loves London and plans to attend with the mayor the opening of the Hadrian exhibit at the British Museum.  The Exhibit was interesting,but Dick’s cell phone kept ringing and she didn’t have a moment to speak with him. Now, she knew why she hated politics. 

She has been corresponding with the Three Bears and Mama Bear really was anxious for Goldilocks to return to Wall Street. However, she prefers an economy that is 'just right' .and mama bear puts all the porridge in the refrigerator.

Virgo New Moon    Aug. 30,2008  Dow 11,543

Goldilocks has sublet a townhouse in Manhattan.  The Three Bears expect her arrival Sept. 15.  Remember she likes everything 'just right' and Wall Street was a mess.

Fall Equinox    Sept 20, 2008 Dow 11,143

Goldilocks was delayed in London and forgot to write, or phone.  The Three Bears had a huge problem and Marley and I were glued to CNBC following the progress of the TARP legislation noting that it started on a retrograde Mercury and was signed into law with Mercury still retrograde.  

Scorpio New Moon  Oct. 28, 2008 Dow 9,065

Goldilocks finally returned to Wall Street  Oct. 15 and found the Three Bears at home around the kitchen table sobbing and their tears falling into their porridge. In the center of the table a "Notice of Foreclosure" 

Goldilocks text messaged all of her friends. Santa replied immediately and told her to wipe away the tears of the Three Bears. He explained that along with his friends Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson, they were able to convert the gift wrap printing press to print dollars.

Help for the Three Bears was on the way. Maybe.

Sagittarius New Moon    Nov  27, 2008 Dow 8,829

Dear members, 

Marley and I called day after day only to get a busy signal. Finally the phone rang.

Goldilocks answered her cell phone and she was loquacious! I'll summarize.

Goldilocks found a notice of  “Final Foreclosure on the Three Bears kitchen table when she visited their cottage on Wall Street for Thanksgiving Dinner. She decided not to waste any more time. Action was required therefore she called Dick Whittington in London.

He suggested several ways to help the Bears refinance their house. 

Goldilocks rode the train to Washington D.C. and found the perfect "refinance" deal. However, Papa Bear was totally broke because of the moratorium on short selling. Goldilocks donated her braids to the cause, helped mama bear start a porridge business, and called the North Pole to ask Santa for a custom made chair for baby bear.

Santa thanked her for the order and explained that the recession was cramping his style.

He said, "I'll probably make it through Christmas with residuals from my Mercedes-Benz commercial and my guest appearance at the Macy's parade."

Goldilocks asked about Mrs. Claus. Santa said, "Don't ask me, ask the elves".

Santa sent several rather thin elves to pick up the broken chair. They ate six bowls of porridge and explained, "Mrs. Claus has burnt every batch of cookies since they returned to the North Pole."

The elves asked Goldilocks what she wanted Santa to bring her.

She said "braids".

They explained that recessions also effects magic; she would have to grow her own.

Capricorn New Moon     Dec. 27, 2008  Dow 8,515

Here is the summary of my phone call to Goldilocks

She said that Baby Bear loves his new chair.  She has been helping Mama Bear with her porridge business, however, as soon as Papa Bear finds an SUV (cheap) the Bears plan to take off for Disneyland. Goldilocks says her sub-lease will run out at the end of the month and her plans are fluid. But she did meet this young fellow by the name of Artful Dodger (Mama Bear doesn't like him). 

Aquarius New Moon     Jan 26, 2009 Dow 8,116

Goldilocks sold her braids and was able to loan Papa Bear enough money to refinance the Bear cottage on Wall Street. Goldilocks has taken an apartment nearby. She is still helping Mama Bear with the porridge business. It is extremely profitable especially on snowy days when Baby Bear makes deliveries.

Goldilocks is totally infatuated with the Artful Dodger. He stops by with his friends for porridge every morning. Mama Bear is very upset and swears she would like to take her big wooden spoon to Art's rear end. However he does bring business to Mama Bear's porridge kiosk and another profitable month will get them Disneyland.

Pisces New Moon   Feb. 24, 2009  Dow 7,350

Here is a brief summary of Goldilocks 3 hour phone call to me.

Goldilocks was sobbing uncontrollably when Mama Bear came into the kitchen.

Mama asked "What happened?"

"You were so right Mama Bear. That Artful Dodge was just another one of those Credit Default Swaps trading scoundrels picking the pockets of the rich and stuffing his pockets full! He wanted to shave my head so he could sell my hair and get back into the market. How did you know, Mama Bear that he was such a evil person?" She sniffled as she tearfully explained.

Mama Bear placed a bowl of porridge in front of Goldilocks. Baby Bear climbed into her lap wiping her tears with his 'kerchief. Goldilocks continued to sob.

Baby Bear playfully poured honey and cinnamon into Goldilocks' bowl, sniffed it and then tried to feed Goldilocks with the spoon dripping porridge.

Finally, Goldilocks moved her hands away from her face and Baby Bear snuck the spoonful into her mouth.

"Wow that was good" Goldilocks wiped her tears away with the braids that A. Dodger planned to pilfer from her head.

Baby Bear fed her the whole bowl while everyone giggled over the silly role reversal.

Mama Bear put a fresh bowl of porridge on the table and Baby Bear once again poured on the cinnamon and honey. Papa Bear joined the group devouring one bowl after another until the kettle, and honey jar were empty.

The decision was made; a new menu item for tomorrow's customers. Goldilocks and Mama Bear cooked porridge, Baby Bear and Papa Bear went shopping for more honey and cinnamon.

'Delicious Porridge at the Bears Kiosk' 

The word spread up and down Wall Street quicker than a hot stock. Business was great right up to the opening bell. Goldilocks and Mama Bear collapsed at the kitchen table exhausted. Finally, Goldilocks asked Baby Bear "Did Artful Dodger stop by and ask for me?"

"Sure did, Papa fixed him. Papa sat him down and thanked him for our great innovative business idea. Then he shook his paw in Artful's face and yelled, 'Don't come back Mr. Dodger till you get an honest job' " Baby Bear told the story mimicking Papa Bear's deep baritone voice.

"Business was great Mama, now can we go to Disneyland?" Baby Bear pleaded.

"As soon as Papa says the Bulls are back. "

Spring Equinox     March 20, 2009 Dow 7,278

Summary of Goldilocks 2 hour phone call. I’ll try to retell it exactly

Baby Bear has been saving his tips. He finished filling his fifth Honey Pot. He is ready for Disneyland.

Mama Bear knows that the season for porridge is coming to an end. She is tired, but thinking about the summer menu.

Papa Bear has found the perfect RV for their summer vacation. Cinnamon and honey spiced porridge has added the extra funds he needed for diesel fuel to run the rig.

"Mama Bear, Mama Bear"  Goldilocks ran into the kitchen with a huge white envelope decorated with pink flowers.  "It's from Ferdinand and look the stamp is from Spain."

She carefully opened the letter with a paring knife, and pulled open the note inside.

"Mama Bear he misses me and wants to visit New York. He says he can hitch a ride in a Rodeo jet. Can he visit? Please? Please?  He is gentle and he won't hurt Baby Bear."

Goldilocks sent Ferdinand an official invitation. Papa Bear promised Goldilocks they would go to Disneyland when Ferdinand arrived and he could certainly stay at their Wall Street cottage

"I don't think Ferdinand would like Mama Bear's plan for the summer menu, Philly Steak-burgers" Papa Bear winked.

Gemini New Moon    May 24, 2009  Dow 8,207

Goldilocks called Marlene and asked her if she could go to Spain to pick up Ferdinand and bring him to the cottage of the Three Bears on Wall Street.  Marlene said she would be happy to try.

Summer Solstice    June 20, 2009 Dow 8,339

Did Ferdinand make it to the Madrid airport?

While in Spain, Marley visited Ferdinand and told him how anxious Goldilocks was for him to visit her at the home of the Three Bears on Wall Street.  Ferdinand explained that British companies were moving to Spain because of the high taxes in England. He believed that the Spanish economy would improve quickly.  Therefore he expected an abundant supply of flowers.

Marley promised him an open end return trip ticket. Together they were able to arrange for his visa.  And then Marley was off to London to personally verify Ferdinand's report on the British economy. While there she hopes to find time to watch the Wimbledon matches with Dick Whittington. Her seats were great, she said

Cancer New Moon    June 20, 2009  Dow 8,339

Goldilocks rented a horse trailer, filled it with flowers and met everyone at the airport. They arrived back on Wall Street just in time to say goodbye to the Bear family.

Baby Bear put his sixth honey pot filled with tips into the RV, Mama Bear made a final check of her kitchen and Papa Bear started up the RV.  Papa Bear explained to Goldilocks that they might have to return to Wall Street around the first week in September because the price of diesel gas was over $2 and their fuel budget was based on $2.  

Baby Bear's banner" Disneyworld or Bust "  fluttered in the breeze as they drove away. 

News spreads faster than the internet on Wall Street. Almost immediately Ferdinand and Goldilocks were showered with flowers. Along with thousands of brokers they pranced up and down Wall Street until everyone was exhausted. 

Leo New Moon    Aug 20, 2009  Dow 9,350

Goldilocks (the story continues...)

Mama Bear just phoned Goldilocks and explained they've started packing up the RV to return to their Wall Street cottage. She hoped they could stop by Washington D.C. then make a few museum stops on the way home.

Goldilocks told Mama Bear all the Wall Street gossip and described how homesick Ferdinand was ready to go home to Spain. They giggled about the roses sent daily by CNBC, and how Ferdinand would lament that they didn't compare to the fresh flowers in his home pasture. Goldilocks sobbed as she described to Mama Bear her good buddy's desire to return home.

She told Mama Bear of her plans to order a horse trailer to pick him up at the cottage and take him to the airport, and her desire to fly back with him to Spain.

Fall Equinox   Sept 20,  2009 Dow 9,123

"Whittigton's Cat, here"

"Oh I'm so glad you picked up, this is Goldilocks, remember we met in London"

"Right, we had a gourmet dinner at Gordon Ramsey's place.  That was right before I immigrated to India. Dick was concerned I would starve to death here, you know? I took the placement at their stock exchange. Do come and spend a holiday here at my place. I purchased a barn in the country and opened a training center for kittens."

Goldilocks was fishing for that invitation. "I'm cottage sitting for the Three Bears with my friend Ferdinand the Bull, and we are just waiting for the Bear family to return from their summer holiday. As soon as we have an exact date for the flight out of New York, I'll call back"

"Great weather here you know. Waiting to hear from both of you. Ferdinand will be very comfortable in my barn. He will love the lotus blossoms. Is he coming?"

"I hope so. Bye"

New Moon Libra   Oct. 18, 2009  Dow 9,995

“Mama Bear did Papa Bear authorize a greenhouse on the roof of the cottage? Please ask him if I should let these workers use the back stairs.  

Goldilocks had the speaker phone on so Ferdinand could share the conversation.

Papa Bear picked up the phone "Baby Bear loves Washington D.C." Mama Bear has a kiosk ready to set up on the Mall, so I thought it would be OK if CNBC planted their green shoots on the roof of the cottage. 

Oh, Ferdinand you wouldn?t mind mowing the grass would you?

“Not a problem Papa Bear, but I was hoping to go home to Spain as soon as I could reserve a spot on one of the airplanes flying horses over from Europe for the Breeders Cup. However, Goldilocks has had all kinds of trouble booking a flight out of New York.”

Goldilocks moved closer to the speaker phone. “Papa Bear  An invitation for all of us to Dick Whittington?s cat?s wedding arrived today. It will be St Patricks Day. It's in India at his school for kittens.  II sounds so romantic.

Papa Bear growled and handed Mama Bear the cell phone.  

Mama Bear shared Goldilock’s excitement then asked her to take a few days to visit them in Washington D.C.  

Scorpio New Moon  Nov. 17, 2009 Dow 10,318

'Baby Bear' appeared on the caller ID. "Hi Baby Bear, when did you get your own cell phone? WOW, Baby Bear, did Mama Bear buy it for you?"

"I bought it myself with my tips from Mama's Porridge kiosk! I have 6 honey jars full of tips. Papa said we can go to Disney World for Christmas...You should be here in Washington D.C. Papa parks the RV on the Mall and protestors and reporters buy porridge all day... Here's Mama"

"Hi Goldilocks, Papa says we should pack up the RV and go to Florida. He's right, you know, we've been working day and night we need the time off."

"Mama Bear, that's fine... I was beginning to panic because I can't find a plane for Ferdinand. The Breeders Cup is this week and absolutely nothing will be available for at least a month. Ferdinand loves his Greenhouse Garden on the roof; he's made friends with the pigeons. I wish you were here to see it. The flowers are gorgeous. Oh! I bought my dress for the wedding. I'll send Baby Bear's phone pictures.

Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 16 2009

Cell phone ring ‘Teddy Bears Picnic”

“Hey Baby Bear  love your picture with Micky Mouse. You must be having a great time in Disneyworld”

“Golilocks do you think Santa will come to our cottage for Christmas ?”

“ Baby Bear I spoke to him yesterday and he said he would stop by as soon as he finished delivering all of his Christmas gifts. He said he could pick up Ferdinand and take him home to Spain.”

“OK, here’s Mama Bear.”  

“Baby Bear is down to his last honey pot full of tips and ready to go home. Papa has been ready for a month and filled the RV with diesel yesterday.  I really miss my kitchen. Loved your dress, now when is the wedding? Are you going back to Spain with Ferdinand?”

“Ferdinand and I decorated the cottage and set up the tree. I bought a festive table cloth for the kitchen table. The wedding will be in March, so I think I will stay here until we set up your porrige kiosks.  

“Papa Bear says we will be there December 23.”

“Great, tell him we said to drive carefully. Oh, Santa said he would leave a gift at the cottage for Artful Dodger. Is it OK if he drops by on Boxing Day?

“I guess I can’t say no to Santa, but don’t let him near the cottage tilll Papa and I get there.”

Winter Solstice  Dec. 20, 2009

Dec 23

Ferdinand, Ferdinand, hurry come out, here they come. Here comes the Bear’s RV.  

Hey Baby Bear don’t fall out the window. This is so exciting. Tears of joy streamed down Goldilocks cheeks as she gave the three bears huge welcome home hugs. 

Oh Mama Bear I missed you so much, and you too Baby Bear.  Come inside the cottage and see everything Ferdinand and I have done.  You’re going to love your roof garden, in the Spring that is. Papa Bear Ferdinand fixed everything he broke don’t worry. OK? Don’t worry Mama Bear I stored all of your porridge bowls and cookware in the attic.”

Dec 24

Cell phone ring “Jolly Old St Nicholas”

Yes Mamam Mrs Claus, I’ll tell everyone Santa had a clear takeoff. 

Papa Bear I’ll finish putting all of the presents under the tree. Hurry up and park the RV Mama Bear and I will have porridge with cinnamon and honey ready when you and Ferdinand get back.

Goldilocks looked at the their tree swallowed by Baby Bear’s presents. 

Baby Bear, you even bought a present for Mrs. Santa. It is amazing, how did you get all of those presents in the RV storage compartments. 

Dec 25 

“Goldilocks hurry get Ferdinand, Santa’s back he’s waiting on the roof garden. “ Baby Bear rushed ahead of everyone with his pen and autograph book. 

Papa Bear helped Santa load Ferdinand and strapped him into the sleigh with the colorful array of colorful bungie cords, Baby Bear had given Ferdinand for Christmas. Goldilocks secured the new woolen hat she gave him and Mama bear wrapped a hand knit scarf around his neck. 

Santa gave his usual call to the reindeer and everyone blew kisses and waved as their eyes followed the sleigh flying off to the Southeast.

Dec 26

It was way too quiet as the morning passed. The porridge for lunch was Mama Bears best. Mid afternoon: Santa and Mrs Claus joined the group and the long discussion of Disneyworld vs Disneyland. 

Knock on the Door

Goldilocks jumped up “Don’t move Papa Bear I’ll get it, it’s probably Artful Dodger “

The cottage shook as Santa and Papa Bear stood up together.  Santa whispered in Papa’s ear  “You know what to do”

Papa Bear signaled Mama and she snatched up Baby Bear and Mrs. Santa grabbed Goldilocks. They carried them out the back door and up to the roof, mumbling “ time to feed the reindeer”

Papa Bear opend the doorwide with Santa standing in the opening.  Artful Dodger was startled but managed to mumble “Goldilocks said you have a presesnt...”

Santa gave Artful Dodger a big hug while Papa Bear pulled back Art’s arms and handcuffed him then leg cuffed him.  

Policemen, FBI Agents, Men in suits swooped in and hauled him away.

Santa and Papa Bear shook hands with everyone and finally sat down. 

“Good Job Old Man”

“Good Job Old Bear”

Mama Bear and Mrs. Claus ran into the room hugging and kissing their husbands.  “You are so brave they shouted”

Baby Bear and Goldilocks were mytified.